Solid Braids:

The strands are intertwined by braiding in a circular pattern to form a solid tubular structure.

Premium quality - Cotton blend with nylon core - Polished for better abrasion resistance

Color: Natural white with blue tracer

Good quality - Cotton sash cord

Color: Natural white

Economical sash cord - Cotton blend

Color: Natural white

Good lubricity - Monofilament polyethylene - Excellent abrasion resistance

Color: White, yellow

Economical braid - Monofilament polypropylene - Round, firm and floats

Color: Yellow

Multifilament polypropylene - Excellent hand and suppleness - Floats

Color: White

Excellent halter and lead rope - Multifilament polypropylene - Excellent hand and suppleness


  Solids - red, green, blue, black

  Stripes - red/white, green/white, blue/white, 


Industrial Grade nylon - Multifilament nylon - Strong, premium product - Works well in pulleys

Color: Natural white

Consumer Grade polyester - Multifilament polyester - Excellent UV and abrasion resistance - Low stretch

Color: Natural white